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Hi! I’m Aga.

I coach open-minded professionals & entrepreneurs to find the clarity, confidence and courage to design a life and business they love.


I’m qualified with an ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching and have 7+ years of experience in business innovations and marketing.

Is Coaching for Me?

🚀 Would you like to find your purpose but you don’t know where to begin and how to make it happen?


📈 Have you recently started your business and would like it to grow faster and earn more?


🏖️ Would you like to scale your business? So that it ultimately runs itself, and you have more time and freedom to enjoy life?

Regardless of where you are in your journey you’re at right now, together we can find a way to design the life and business you’ll love! 

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And who are you?

Before you dive into who I am and what I do… let me check in with you and try to guess WHO YOU ARE. Shall we?


💓  You’re kind, empathetic, compassionate, trustworthy and you have a big and brave heart. You’re a great listener and a loyal friend.


🎨 You’re creative with hundreds of ideas per day and you get excited by all of them. You’re interested in many different things and you’re so unique that it’s not easy put a label on you.


🙌 You’re smart, independent, open-minded, forward-thinking, capable and resourceful. You never give up and nothing is impossible for you, you know you’ll always figure something out!  


👌 You’re honest, responsible, reliable and you keep your word. You always strive to do your best.

These are truly beautiful qualities. If you recognise yourself in any of them, that’s awesome! We will have a great time working together!


But… you might also know that some of these wonderful qualities come with a price, especially when they’re not fully developed or a bit unbalanced.


Are you…


Creative and excitable but often overwhelmed, seeking more clarity and focus


Starting multiple projects at the same time and struggling to complete them?


Perfectionistic and responsible to the point when you either get stuck or work yourself to burnout



And so on, and so forth…? (By the way, been there done that!)


Sounds familiar? No worries! I’m a business coach after all so I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to help you both with your life, and your business ⬇️

How I work


    Transformational Coaching

    A holistic, client-centric and flexible approach to exploring clients' challenges and creating in-depth, transformational changes


    Design Thinking & Lean Startup

    Approaching problems like a designer: with empathy, curiosity and creativity, continuously prototyping, testing and improving solutions in real-life


    Business Model Innovation

    Building an attractive value proposition for your customers and an innovative, profitable business model around it

  • Marketing & Communication

    Support in digital marketing, social media & content management. Plus branding, advertising & communication with customers

You’re my perfect client if…

🌟 You know how amazing you are already, and how much potential you still have inside.


🌟 You want to improve and grow, not necessarily only because you have to but because you know your life, career or business can be even better.


🌟 You realise you have only one life so you’re super excited to shape it in your own, unique way and live it to the fullest.


I’m your perfect business coach if…

you’re looking for someone who:


🤗 really cares about you, who doesn’t have their own agenda, who won’t judge


💡 is trained in being fully present with you, asking you questions that will bring you more clarity, helping you see things from different perspectives and coming up with new solutions


😊 will challenge your negative beliefs, help you build better habits and live in alignment with your values


🏆 will encourage you to be bold, hold you accountable for taking action and achieving your goals


💼 is experienced in marketing and starting, building & growing a business

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Still not sure? Read on to see my approach, experience, qualifications & client testimonials ⬇️

Human-centric & Innovative Business Coach

I use a mix of transformational and somatic coaching methods, which explore the whole human experience, including both mind and body, logic and emotions. My favourite coaching tools include working with metaphors, Clean Language questioning, somatic & Gestalt-based exercises, Point of You Cards, Design Your Life method, etc.


I combine coaching with the best practices in marketing, business and design. I invite my clients to be open-minded, curious, creative, and to prototype and test things out in real life in order to learn faster and fail better.


I apply human-centric design & Design Thinking principles together with innovative business tools like Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Innovation and digital marketing. 

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Certified Transformational Coach

I am qualified with an ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching. I also hold an Accredited Certificate in Somatic Coaching from The Somatic School, and a Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation from Animas Centre of Coaching in London.

I’m experienced in designing and facilitating business workshops and trainings, mostly around Business Model Innovation, Value Proposition Design and Design Thinking. I’m also a co-author of Design Thinking Masterclass for a business innovation agency, Innovatika.

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Business Innovation & Marketing enthusiast

I’ve always been excited and intrigued by entrepreneurs, startups and innovation. I’ve worked in business innovations for over 7 years. First, in a business consulting company Innovatika with a variety of clients and industries. At that time, I was one of the winners of the first edition of Lean Startup Machine Warsaw


After that, I worked with a successful tech-startup, GreenJinn, to create, launch and market their mobile couponing app, and I still cooperate with them occasionally.


I have a Master’s Degree in International Business Management, specialising in Strategic Management with Kozminsky University, as well as a Bachelor in English Philology with Spanish (in addition to personal development and business, I love traveling and learning languages!).


I’m a member of the online marketing B-School programme run by one of my favourite marketing experts and coach, Marie Forleo. I’m currently building my coaching business, coaching professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as getting involved in value proposition design, marketing, user experience and other business projects. 

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Write to me and I’ll get back to you to schedule a call.

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